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The Clerk by MorffinCreations

This is awesome.I like how you did the small details.His hat is cool.I love his coat is amazing,his teeth maybe crepy,but they are cool...

SE :: Be aware by Pumkin-Portfolio

I like,it's so awesome.I love the pose,a typicall for Maka and Soul.I love Maka's clothes and her hair.I like Souls hair,his hair bang ...

Work to do? Soul is your guy! by Pumkin-Portfolio

This is so awesome.I love the hair and the hairbang.The teeth are cool.I like the red eyes.I like how you made the scythe hand.And the ...

Soul Eater :: Just Soul by Pumkin-Portfolio

This is so awesome.The best cosplay of Soul from Soul Eater.I've never seen a better cosplay of Soul.It's like the real Soul standing i...

Some people want a new house, or a new car, or a new phone but someone battling cancer wants one thing; to win the battle. 97% won't repost this, but 3% will. Let's see who does. Please repost this in honor of someone who lost their battle, or someone is fighting it now.


RipVanWinkle123's Profile Picture
A child tells her mother: "Mom I have drawn on your blanket with lipstick ." From anger the mother hit her child unconscious. The child is lying on the ground. The mom is forcing her to open her eyes ... But unfortunately the heart succeed anymore. A while later the mother was going to her room and saw on the blanket : "Mama I love you."
Put this on your profile if you support me to stop child abuse
96 % will not do it but I hope that the 4% are my friends.

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